Mar 1 & 2: Polyglot Dream Weavers

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Presented by the Shepparton Festival and Festivals Australia



at SheppARTon Festival

These workshops are rolling – come and go as you please.

Victoria Park Lake

Saturday 1 March 2014

2PM – 4PM & 5:30PM – 7.30PM

Sunday 2 March 2014

10AM – 11AM & 1PM – 3PM

Saturday 1 March 2014
3PM – 5PM & 6:30PM – 8.30PM
Sunday 2 March 2014
10AM – 12NOON & 2PM – 4PM


Bring the children along for two fantastic days of colourful workshops, weaving, music and storytelling of Tangle… It’s the spectacular live art, part performance installation by Polyglot Theatre, Australia’s renowned contemporary theatre company for children.

Tangle is a huge, fun, totally interactive elastic weaving event, created live and on the spot by children and their families.


Participants are each given a ball of soft elastic to weave around and through 24 tall slender golden poles. Strand by strand the kids create a dense multi-coloured landscape, tangled and interwoven to make a place where they can play and explore and bounce.


Tangle takes individual paths and interconnects them to form an hilarious metaphor for life.


Featuring live music, this beautiful event is a place where children take control and create a giant shared abstract artwork that everyone owns and anyone can play in.


Shepparton Festival’s Dreamweavers Workshops are a restful space where children and families can make their own Tangle sculptures and creatures to take home. Rest in the shade of the Tangle canopy created by children from Shepparton and their foster parents – part of Polyglot’s Tangle MOBILE community project.


Shepparton Festival is delighted to partner with Festivals Australia in presenting Polyglot’s famous Tangle. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.
“This is children’s play invisibly directed and unfolding” – The Age, Melbourne, Australia


“This is an opportunity you rarely get to do since you can’t do it at home or anywhere else.” – Bethany, 13


“This is children’s play invisibly directed and unfolding” – The Age, Melbourne, Australia



The Shepparton Festival acknowledges the support of:
Principal Sponsors: Greater Shepparton City Council, Arts Victoria
Major Education Sponsor: La Trobe University
Cultural Partner: State Government Victoria