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Shepparton Festival - Story Bowl

15 - 31 March 2019

Greater Shepparton, in the heart of the Goulburn Valley, is often referred to as the "Food Bowl of Australia" as around 25 per cent of the total value of Victoria's agricultural production is generated in this area as well as a wealth of secondary industries. 

All of this activity draws a large number of people to the GV and each of them have their own stories making the area a diverse melting pot for people of all cultures and walks of life. 

The 2019 Shepparton Festival theme ‘Story Bowl’, aims to capture and tell the stories from the past, the present and what the story of our future might look like. 

We invite you to Shepparton, to hear these stories, share your own and celebrate the notion that the GV is the ‘Story Bowl of Australia’.


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Online EOI FAQs

I don't have all the information with me. Can I save as I go?


At any time you can select the "Save and Continue Later" feature at the bottom of the page.

You will be provided a unique link which you can use to return to your form for the next 30 days, where you can continue where you left off. Please provide your email address when prompted and the unique link will be emailed to you.

I can't find a paper version of the EOI form?

With an aim to ensuring that we capture all your information accurately we have opted for an online EOI process this year.

I'm stuck! Can I get some assistance along the way?

Of course.

Simply email admin@sheppartonfestival.org.au with your contact details and your issue and Tara will get back to you ASAP.

The new online EOI process is fantastic (or maybe it's not). Are you open to some feedback?

Definitely. We would love to hear any feedback, or issues you've encountered with the online EOI process.

Simply email admin@sheppartonfestival.org.au with your contact details and your feedback and Tara or one of our team will be in touch.


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Shepparton Festival - Victoria's longest running non-for-profit regional arts Festival. Join us in March 2019 for our 23rd annual event.


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